Breaking the Chains: A History of Anarchism – Lucien van der Walt

This is a book about the history of anarchism. It is a history of nearly 120 years of unbroken workers struggle. It is a history of sacrifice and bravery by ordinary people fighting for a world without bosses and oppression.

Anarchism – also known as libertarian socialism, syndicalism, or free communism – was not born in the mind of an intellectual or a philosopher. Instead it was born in the struggles of the working and poor people for a world free of oppression and exploitation.


Δημοσιεύθηκε στην Άλλα ιστοριογραφικά βιβλία και κείμενα, Κοινωνική επανάσταση 1936-1939 και χαρακτηρίσθηκε , , , . Αποθηκεύστε τον μόνιμο σύνδεσμο.