Basic Bakunin – Colin Parker (with an introduction to the South African Edition by Lucien van der Walt)

This pamphlet provides an excellent introduction to the ideas of Mikhail Bakunin, the “founder” of anarchism… We do not see Bakunin as a god who never made mistakes. Of course he was not perfect. He was a man, but a man who gave his all for the struggle of the oppressed, a revolutionary hero who deserves our admiration and respect. From Bakunin, we can learn much about revolutionary activism. We can learn even more about the ideas needed to win the age-old fight between exploiter and exploited, between worker and peasant, on the one hand, and boss and ruler on the other…

1993 edition by Colin Parker,
for Anarchist Communist Federation, UK
2004 South African edition by Zabalaza Books,
with new introduction
March 2019, second South African edition by Zabalaza Books,
with 2004 South African introduction


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